Our Factory

Albion Stone's factory at Portland is one of the largest and most technically advanced in the UK. It produces a wide range of Portland stone products from slabs, cladding panels, pavers and tiles to the most intricate hand carved stones.

Portland Stone Albion Stone Factory


The journey of a block of Portland Stone from beginning to end in our factory on Portland.

The factory processes are:

1. Primary Sawing

Portland Stone Primary Saw in the Factory

Primary Sawing is the first cutting process to the block. The block is cut  into a series of slabs.  

We currently have two types of primary saw; the large 3m circular bladed Van  Voorden, Breton Wire saw and the diamond belted Benetti Fast Belt. Both of these are operated by workman in the factory.


2. Secondary Sawing

|Portland Stone Ashlar Line

The secondary sawing process cuts the slabs from the Primary Saws into the  stones for ashlar cladding, pavers or 'sawn six side' cubes ready for further processing through the masonry operation.

Albion also have automated separate ashlar and tile lines for producing large volumes of highly accurate repetitive sized ashlars, tiles or even pavers.

3. Masonry Work

Albion Stone's highly skilled Portland Stone Masons carving a Corinthian Capital

The masonry operation involves the shaping of the stones utilizing either  profiling saws, planers or the handwork of a skilled mason.  

The GMM Litox and Zeda profiling saws and the planers are typically used to produce the detailed profiling work including notch quoins, cornices and copings. The masons in the Mason's Shop have a wide variety of tools at their disposal  to produce the intricate carved stones, ranging from simple cornice returns to massive Corinthian capitals.

4. Finishing

Portland Stone Quality checking

All stone goes through the final finishing process which involves putting a  rubbed finish on all seen sides (typically 50 grit) to remove all saw cutting and tool marks.

Each stone is individually checked for tolerances and geological characteristics and once approved in accordance with the ISO 9001 Factory Production Control scheme it is stacked onto a pre-determined pallet ready for despatch.