Our History

Here is a brief run through the history of Albion Stone, from their fomation and purchase in the late 1920's through to the techological progressions of the 21st century.

Albion Stone Works incorporated. The Company was based in South West London, with a workshop for working mainly Portland Stone for London projects.

The Company was purchased by Harold Poultney, the Grandfather of the current Managing Director.

The Company secured the lease for its first Portland Stone quarry, Bowers Quarry, from the Crown Estate.

The Company secured the leases for the remaining Portland Stone quarries owned by the Crown Estate.

The current Factory site at Easton Lane was purchased and manufacturing was relocated from South West London to Portland.


Albion Stone introduced wire saw technology into the Portland Stone industry, thereby revolutionising the extraction processes.

Planning permission was secured for the first Portland Stone trial mine at Bowers Quarry.


Royal visit to Albion Stone's Quarries and Factory. 

Planning permission was secured for the Stonehills Portland Stone mine - a massive new reserve on the Island.


The Bowers Mine trials began.

The trials at the Bowers Mine were successfully completed and a new mining planning permission was prepared for Jordan's Quarry.


High Wall extraction in Bowers Quarry commenced and the Portland Inmosthay group of Quarries were purchased.

Mining Permission for Jordans mine was secured, thereby allowing the Portland Cricket Club to continue to use the Red Triangle Cricket Pitch whilst the stone
underneath is extracted.


Mining started at Jordans.

In a joint project with The Crown Estate, we installed 800 solar panels. The panels were expected to generate more than 150,000 kWh of electricity per year - the equivalent to the annual consumption of 50 houses - and will reduce our carbon footprint by 80 tonnes per year.


Albion Stone gain certification for operating a Quality Management System which complied with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the extraction, processing and supply of Portland dimensional stone.

Albion Stone gain certification for operating an Environmental Management System which is compliant with ISO 14001:2004 for the extraction, processing and supply of Portland dimensional stone.


Albion Stone receive 'Very Good' rating for Responsible Sourcing standard BES 6001.

Due to the success of Albion Stone's current working mine, we decided to make our strategy of 100% mining a reality. Bowers mine has re-opened and the excavation work on our Stonehills has just started, with the aim to open the third mine in mid 2016. 


Achieved OHSAS in May 2015


Extraction of the cap stone in front of what will be the mine portals to the Stonehills mine was started.

Albion Stone celebrate 15 years of Mining.


Achieve an 'Excellent' in our BES 6001 assessment


Secured new reserves linking the Jordans and Bowers Mines going underneath Weston Road