Our Neighbours

Around the Quarry, Mine and Factory

We conducted an extensive public consultation exercise in 1999 to establish the impacts our operations were having on the quality of life for residents in the local community. The results from this consultation determine the future course of our extraction operations.

Cutting technologies have now replaced the blasting thereby eliminating the vibration noise and dust, and we have embarked on an on-going operation to take the entire extraction operation underground thereby limiting the disturbance to a few vehicle movements. As a result complaints from local residents to the company have reduced dramatically.

Open Days and Visits

Bowers Opening

The Portland Stone industry has a long tradition on the island and its people are rightly proud of  their heritage. There has been particular interest in the new modern extraction techniques, in  fact a degree of scepticism when we opened the first Portland Stone mine.

To promote the work we do and to give back to the surrounding community, we welcome visitors to find out more about our operations. Site tours, open days, exhibition stands at county shows are just some of the ways that we share with our communities more about what we do.

To request a copy of Albion Stone's Local Communities Policy, please email enquiries@albionstone.com.

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