Projects and Charities

Albion Stone has a programme of investment into local charities and community projects. We  have targeted projects that deliver environmental, educational and social benefits or improvements,  and can demonstrate a connection with our industry and our land.

What do We do?

Cricket Club

At Albion Stone we:

- Have been working closely with MEMO.  MEMO will be sited on the Isle of Portland, ‘semi-detached’ from the south coast of Britain. This is part of the ‘Jurassic Coast’, a Geological World Heritage Site whose fossil-rich cliffs chart 180 million years of the history of life.  The stones of MEMO, quarried from these same cliffs, will embody the images of all species to have gone extinct in modern times, carved by sculptors all over the world. 

- Sponsor multiple events on Portland.

- Work with the Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust.

- Assist with funding and sponsorship projects for our local teams on a regular basis.

- Provide sponsorship and stone donations to various local projects including benches and  memorials on the Island celebrating its history and heritage.

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