What are We doing to Help?


Many of our sites include areas notified as Sites of Special Scientific Interest notifications (SSSIs). These nationally important sites are designated to protect the unique flora and fauna as well as the geological interest.

Albion Stone works closely with Natural England to ensure that the discussed quarries within the SSSIs are appropriately restored and managed for their limestone grassland and geological interests. We also work closely with our conservation partners to improve public access and interpretation of our sites.  

One example is that we fund important scrub clearance operation in Jordans Inmosthay Quarry, particularly the non native cotoneaster, which smothers the important butterfly food plants. We are also part of the wider partnership to establish the Portland Quarries Nature Park which will incorporate the disused sections of our Inmosthay Quarry and we have provided the Dorset Wildlife Trust with match funding for the island wide Portland Living Landscape Project. The Living Landscape Project, supported by an award from the Viridor Credits Environmental Company, is restoring over 200 hectares of limestone grassland by the removal of invasive cotoneaster. Match funding from Albion Stone Ltd will release £80,000 from Viridor for this important work.

John Stobart of Natural England says, 'I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those at Albion Stone Limited for their help and support in our efforts to manage the SSSIs on Portland. Albion Stone's commitment to the conservation of its sites, its positive approach to public access and its ongoing support for the Portland Quarries Nature Park is helping to deliver a wonderful environmental legacy for the people of Portland.'

MEMO-Interior_Image_web.jpgThe Mass Extinction Memorial Observatory project (MEMO) is a sublimely beautiful monument to the world's extinct species together with a biodiversity education centre. This major Portland stone project is being constructed in our Bowers Quarry, overlooking the Jurassic Coast, as part of the quarry restoration. For more information on this please click here.

On the right is a CGI of the interior of the observatory (image supplied by Adjaye Associates).

Our Performance

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