Energy and Carbon

Albion Stone are committed to increasing our energy efficiency and investing in new, clean and energy efficient technologies, in order to reduce our consumption of energy.

Working with the Carbon Trust

Albion Stone commissioned a report from the Carbon Trust in 2008 to look at ways to reduce our Carbon Footprint. A number of improvements were identified and have now been implemented.

We are continuing to work with the Carbon Trust. Introducing a speed controller for the ring main water pumps, this reduces the pumps output as the demand for water drops.

Renewable Energies: Solar Energy


The Crown Estate invested £500,000 in an innovative new solar panel roof for our Factory.

The 800 solar photovoltaic panels are the largest solar project in which The Crown Estate has invested. The panels are expected to generate more than 150,000 KW of electricity per year - the equivalent to the annual consumption of 50 houses - and will reduce our carbon footprint by 80 tonnes per year.

The installation is particularly innovative - instead of the panels being built on to the existing roof, the installation provider replaced the entire roof with an Energy Roof. The Energy Roof, will generate electricity for 25 years and requires little maintenance.

Our Carbon Footprint


Since the Carbon Trust report, we have been continuingly examining all aspects of our operation. We had already embarked upon the operation to switch extraction from the more visually intrusive, noisier, and dustier quarrying to mining.

We expected a much lower energy requirement for these underground operations significant power is used and wasted removing the overburden to access dimension stone in the quarries. We are delighted that the initial figures suggest that the production from the Mine will have a carbon footprint which is nearly 50% lower than that of the Quarry operations.

Our Performance

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