Delivery of our products to our customers is critical for the continued success of our business; however Albion Stone recognise the impact this has on the environment and do our best to manage the environmental impact of our transportation activity.

Transportation of Our Stone

Truck on Motorway

Transportation of Raw Product
The distance from our Quarries and Mine to our Factory is approximately 400 metres, and therefore the environmental effects of transporting the stone into the Factory is minimal.

Transportation of Finished Product
The majority of finished products are transport to our customers by road, this is due to the fact that 85% of our market is based in London and other major UK cities, and because our deliveries are time critical -  but where possible we transport internationally by rail, ship and barge to reduce the environmental impact.

Staff Transportation

On average our employees who work at our Portland mine, quarries or factory, live less than a mile from their place of work. When on visits away from our sites, the first option we consider is using public transport.

Bike2Work Scheme

At Albion Stone we actively encourage our employees to reduce travel related emissions in their commute to work; for example lift sharing. We also encourage the use of telephone conferencing rather than making journeys for meetings.

Bike to Work Scheme
Albion Stone operates the Bike to Work scheme, whereby we help with the funding of pedal bikes through the government scheme to encourage people to cycle rather than drive to work. So far 15% of our workforce has taken advantage of the scheme.

Our Performance

To request a copy of Albion Stone's Transport Impacts Policy, please email