Albion Stone make purchases for their Mine on Portland

Albion Stone have recently made a number of purchases for the Mine on Portland, including a €385,000 Fantini GU50 and almost £200,000 on a Doosan DT160 Telescopic Handler. The Doosan is capable of lifting dimension-stone blocks of up to 16 tonnes in weight is ideally suited to working within the confines of an underground operation because it has 4 wheel steering and excellent all-round visibility.

The telescopic handler which can operate with either forks or a bucket is fitted with a number of special adaptations for safe working in the mine, such as an in-built fire suppression system for the engine and a catalytic converter to process exhaust gasses. The Fantini GU 50 is a self propelled mining saw has a new generation cutting blade that will increase the extraction rate and efficiency.

Extracting with these new pieces of machinery will double the extraction from the Mine as well as improving the efficiency, therefore resulting in a lower carbon footprint as our current calculations suggest that block extracted from the Mine has a 50% smaller carbon footprint than blocks from the quarry. This lower carbon footprint is mainly due to the fuel used in the quarry removing the Overburden before accessing the stone beds.

Along with these major purchases a number of smaller purchases have been made including; a new GMM saw, 3 compressors, and various energy saving improvements that were specifically highlighted in a Carbon Trust report that Albion Stone commissioned.