Duke of Gloucester Awards

The Worshipful Company of Masons

The Masons' Company is one of the City of London's oldest livery companies with records dating back to 1356. It was formed to safeguard the welfare of its members and to regulate the craft of stone masonry, so that standards could be properly maintained.

Today The Masons' Company is active in the support of the craft by sponsoring students and apprentices in approved courses in masonry and stone carving and it is keen to foster, encourage and reward stonemasons in the early years of their development.

Improver Mason Award
The Worshipful Company of Masons introduced an Award in 2007 in honour of HRH The Duke of Gloucester, who has been a liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Masons since 1975 and an honorary member of its Court since 1995. Through his architectural background, The Duke of Gloucester has a keen interest in the construction industry, our national heritage and in the training of craftsmen in the industry.

The Awards were given to qualified stone masons who have achieved NVQ Level 3 in stone masonry and have since developed their masonry skills. They will have worked for a period of between three and five years in a mason's yard in order to develop their craft. The traditional term for this period is "improver mason". The Award will be given to the masons who have demonstrated in their everyday work a high degree of skill in masonry or the carving of stone and considerable improvement since NVQ Level 3.

Commended  Damien Briggs  
Employer  Albion Stone plc  
College  Weymouth College  

Damien said:

"I was involved in various projects including setting out, making moulds and a big restoration project in Guernsey. I then started with Albion Stone in the quarry where I have stayed for the last 3 years. I like working for Albion Stone Plc because the work can vary so much. One day you can be doing a simple return and other days some nice carving work comes in, but I would say the highlight since being a banker has got to be my capital for Wentworth and a plaque for the Gurkhas' Memorial in Kent. I just feel so lucky and privileged to have the opportunity to do these nice jobs and build up a good range of experience that most masons my age haven't got".