Fashion comes to our Quarry

We were delighted when Harrods Magazine called to ask if they could shoot in our quarries in order for it to be the location of their '€˜New Model Army'€™ feature in October'€™s editorial. They specified that they were looking for a location that would provide a '€˜stark white background'€™ but wanted a backdrop which was a '€˜bit more graphic and interesting than shooting in a white studio'€™.

Harrods Magazine flew a model in from New York and a team of make-up artists, hairdressers and a photographer for the two day shoot. Lisa Bonnici, Producer at Harrods Magazine, said that Albion Stone'€™s location had '€˜everything we were looking for, including the scale and the colour of the quarry'€™. She also said that '€˜we were particularly drawn to it as everyone that we spoke to at Albion Stone was so helpful'€™.