How Can BRE’s New BES 6001 Environmental Standard Benefit Your Project?

With the increased awareness of sustainability in the property industry, many clients particularly those with large property portfolios such as The Crown Estate and British Land, now insist on the use of sustainable building products on their projects.

It Started With BREEAM

When BRE introduced BREEAM in 1990, it quickly became the industry standard for sustainable building design and construction. Since then, BREEAM Excellent has become the benchmark for sustainable design, and now BRE has followed-up with a new environmental standard specifically for building products.

BES 6001 Takes Sustainable Design to the Next Level 

Figure 1 - BREEAM categories

BRE’s BES 6001 was introduced in 2012 as the environmental standard for the responsible sourcing of construction products. It is one of the nine key criteria used to evaluate sustainable design within the BREEAM assessment process, see figure 1 (right).

Several clients and developers have already incorporated a requirement for BES 6001 certification into their procurement processes, and as BES 6001, like BREEAM, becomes more and more widely adopted, others will inevitably follow.

What Does This Mean For Architects?

Specifying building products that have achieved BES 6001 will contribute to your BREEAM rating, because the products used on the project have a direct impact on the building’s BREEAM rating. It could even be the difference between your project achieving BREEAM Very Good or Excellent.

Environmentally Accredited Portland Stone

Albion Stone has successfully achieved BES 6001 which means Portland stone supplied from our quarries and mines contributes three BREEAM Credits towards your building’s BREEAM rating. Three points is the maximum available in BRE’s ‘Responsible Sourcing of Materials’ guide however, when used with certain other products, the BREEAM credits are doubled to six.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

In recent years Albion Stone has also achieved ISO 9001, the certification for quality management, and ISO 14001 the certification for environmental procedures. In conjunction with BES 6001, these internationally recognised standards will ensure Portland stone sourced from our quarries and mines meets the demands of an increasingly environmentally-aware property industry.

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“Responsible sourcing of construction products is an increasingly important issue for specifiers and clients around the world. Albion Stone are not only doing the right thing environmentally and ethically with their certification to the standard but they are also enhancing their competitiveness in the international arena. Well done to Albion Stone!”

David Richardson, Group Director of Sustainable Products - BRE