Kelly volunteers for the Employability Masterclass

Kelly Matthews, our Office Manager, volunteered at Thomas Hardye School on Thursday 14th March to chat to students about their future careers as part of the ‘Employability Masterclass’ program.

The Employability Masterclass provides an opportunity for students to learn from local employers and employees about the skills and qualities that are required to be successful in the workplace and to build a broader understanding of the routes to employment.

Students consider a range of approaches to job hunting, how they can describe their own personal strengths and how to showcase their skills to employers.

Throughout the day, students work alongside volunteers from the world of work who share their own experience as a recruiter and job hunter. Students receive top tips for writing compelling applications, including CVs and covering letters, before rehearsing interview techniques and considering various paths to success.

They will understand how to navigate their way from job searching to being appointed as the successful candidate.

Students will be provided with labour market information to support career planning and to make informed choices about careers for the future. They will consider taking up education or training which offers good long-term prospects. To round the day off students set goals and plan next steps to achieve success.