Mine Report No. 100

Albion Stone are celebrating their 100th Mine Report

Formally known as the Quarry Report, we started producing these to ensure accurate and current information about the availability of our stone was available to all potential customers.  In the 25 years since we started the reports, we have seen some very major changes at Albion Stone.  We have revolutionised the extraction process moving away from an open quarry site using blasting techniques.  We initially introduced cutting technology into the quarry extraction and then took this extraction process into our trial mine in Bowers in 2002.  We gradually replaced the quarry extraction with mining operation which has very significant environmental benefits.

Over this quarter of a century we have welcomed many visits predominantly from architecture team but also from His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.  We are still welcoming teams even throughout this difficult year but suggest limited numbers.


Please click here to view our Mine Report No.100