Albion Stone win at Natural Stone Awards

Albion Stone won two 'Awards' at the 14th Natural Stone Awards ceremony at the Oval Cricket Ground in London.

The first award was won for the Armed Forces Memorial for the 'Design & Technology Innovation' Award. The Memorial is a stunning piece of architecture being formed of a circular structure 43 meters in diameter formed by curved Portland Stone walls. Albion Stone provided over 250 cubic metres of the finest quality Portland Bowers Basebed for the panels. To meet the Architect's design criteria, these panels all needed to be 1,125mm & 1,350mm high, which involved opening a new section of the quarry to ensure they kept a consistent supply of high blocks.  

These blocks were slabbed at Albion's factory ready for shipment to McConnell's works in Northern Ireland for letter carving. This was done by computer controlled machines and proved a complicated process to ensure a consistent depth to the individual letters on the curved sections of the stone. There were so many letters to carve that it would've taken most of the available Memorial Masons in the UK years to complete.

The second was awarded for St Paul's Cathedral South Churchyard Improvements for the 'Landscaping' Award. While the most important objective for this work was to provide wheelchair access to the Cathedral, the resulting desire to re-enclose this section of the churchyard presented the opportunity for a more meaningful display of the medieval remains of the building that was there before the Great Fire of 1666.

21 square metres of Albion Stone's Portland Jordans Basebed Limestone has been used to create seating areas that reinforce the other side of the medieval cloister walk.