Planning Application Success

We are pleased to announce that we have had a successful planning application for storage.

The permission will allow for the construction of travelling gantries alongside the factory complex at our Independent site. The storage of up to 15,000 cubic metres of block from our Jordan's Quarry, Jordan's Mine, Bower's Mine and Stonehills Mine. This storage under a travelling gantry will allow for immediate access to all the blocks using electrical power, rather than diesel powered wheel loaders. This will also allow for a better selection of blocks for the company's block customers and our own Factory operations, thereby reducing wastage. 

The bulk of the Independent site is also subject to a joint Crown Estate and Albion Solar Farm planning application for a 3MW. please see:

The efficient storage of block under the our Independent Quarry will remove block stone from our Jordan's Quarry allowing for earlier restoration of a large section of the site to create a SSSI landscape. Part of the Independent site (the slopes from the storage area to the solar panel site) will be set aside for flora and fauna. The natural calcareous grassland will provide an environmental link between the already restored Withies croft site and the Jordan's Quarry.