Basebed Extraction Commences in Jordans Mine

Jordans Mine opened in September 2008 and to date we have been extracting the upper layers of Portland stone: the Roach and the Whitbeds. We had always planned to extract a significant quantity of these beds in order to open up a large area of the mine before starting on the Basebed faces.

We currently have a high level of demand for the Basebed stones and therefore we thought it was a sensible time to look at commencing the extraction of the Basebed in Jordans mine. Going through from the Whitbeds to the Basebeds presents us with a number of technical challenges, as in-between the two beds of stone is the Portland Curf bed which often contains layers of very hard cherts (flints).

After careful consideration we decided to go down to the Basebed level inside the mine by cutting two ramps. The other option would have been to have dropped the level outside the mine entrances to the Basebed level. We decided against this option as it would create complications with the access arrangements.

Our initial production shows that we are going to be able to extract an excellent quality Basebed from the Jordans mine which will be very similar to the geological characteristics that are currently found in the Basebed stones in Jordans quarry.