Portland Stone Iraq & Afghanistan memorial unvieled

The Portland Stone sculpture by Paul Day was unveiled by the Queen on Thursday 9th March and is dedicated to those who served in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.  It also marks the contribution made by civilians in the conflicts. It is formed of two Portland Stone monoliths and a bronze medallion.

Albion Stone supplied approximately 30m³ of Portland Jordans Basebed.

The design consists of two large Portland Stone monoliths which appear to support a bronze medallion. 

The stone is finely carved on three sides but left jagged and rough hewn on one, Paul Day said: "To suggest the harsh, dry, rocky and difficult terrains of the two countries but also to suggest how the outcomes of both campaigns is not fully resolved, that there was much division within the British people over them."

He said he wanted to create something contemporary in the 19ft (almost 6m) structure to reflect the most recent of UK military campaigns and hoped to have made a "fine piece of art" for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"When we unveil it, I want to be able to say I'd put as much thought and effort as possible into the project; to do justice to the price that was paid and to create a memorial that will stand tall in years to come, for future generations, to remember all that was done," he said.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said the memorial would, "stand as a permanent reminder of the contribution and sacrifice that so many members of our Armed Forces, aid workers and civilian personnel made towards the security of the United Kingdom and the interests of Iraq and Afghanistan".

The £1m monument was funded by a campaign by the Sun on Sunday newspaper.

Image by Paul Day