Albion Stone run another successful Mine Open Day

On the morning of the 8th June 2013, Albion Stone'€™s Mine Manager, Mark Godden, and Assistant Quarry Manager, Tony Booker, took small groups of people into Jordans Mine, through the galleries and up to the working faces.

They gave explanations of the reasons for mining not quarrying, as well as new changes to the extraction methods. Visitors were shown how we carefully monitor the mine'€™s roof and pillars to ensure that the mine remains stable, together with discussing the unique geology of the island.

Albion Stone previously ran a successful open day at Bowers Mine in 2003 and at Jordans Mine in 2010. Our Mining operations have developed considerably since the last open day and the Mining Team at Albion Stone were proud to show local members of the public the excellent work they'€™ve completed and to explained why they believe this will continue to be the future for extraction on Portland.

Mining has several obvious advantages over quarrying: lower landscape impact and a reduction in dust and noise. Mined stone is also produced with a lower carbon footprint; current figures suggest it could be as low as 50%, when compared to quarrying.

Our Open Day brought over 100 visitors to the Mine and raised over £170 for the Portland Community Partnership through donations.

Comments from visitors included;

'€˜I use your stone for new houses and wanted to see the process of getting it out of the ground.'€™

'€˜I found the visit very informative, Tony and Mark were very knowledgeable.'€™

'€˜I wanted to see the process changes'€¦even my toddler enjoyed it. He was allowed to sit in the tractor.'€™