Sammy Ofer Wing opens at National Maritime Museum

On 14th July 2011 the new £35m 'Sammy Ofer Wing' at the National Maritime Museum opened. It is the largest development in the National Maritime Museum'€™s history.Greenwich, London, has long been home to the Museum, a building which is rich with history and significance for the powerhouse island.

C.F. Moller Architects were contracted in 2006 to design an extension which would suitably integrate with the existing UNESCO World Heritage site.

Predominantly the new building is kept underground creating a deceptively large area to hold the new facilities of exhibition space, an open archive research centre, flexible learning spaces and a cafe, brasserie and shop. A new entrance was created which also allows visitors to access the building from Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory.

Kevin Fewster, National Maritime Museum Director said:

"The Sammy Ofer Wing creates a spectacular contemporary environment in which more people can appreciate the wonders of our world-class collections and their stories of human endeavour and discovery. The opening of this new wing is only the start of our five-year programme to revitalise and refresh our permanent galleries and exhibitions. Through this, we will be able to transform the experience we offer to the two million visitors from Britain and overseas who visit us each year. It will help to ensure that current and future generations from all over the world understand the rich and complex story of these islands and the crucial role played by the sea in our history and the lives of those who depended upon it."

Albion Stone provided 50m ³ of Portland Stone including Filled Fancy Beach Whitbed paving for the upper & lower terrace, wall, ramps & parapet and Bowers Roach for the enclosed gazebos.