Stonehills Extraction

We have started the extraction of the cap stone in front of what will be the mine portals to the Stonehills mine.

Following the careful excavation of all rubble/overburden in the autumn of last year, the remaining stone material (Cap, Roach and Whitbed) is now being excavated in order to create a level working area in front of the proposed location for the mine portals.  Once we have removed the Cap stone we will extract the first layers of dimension stone, the Roach and the Whitbed.

We are using the Fantini quarry saws to cut the stone to avoid the use of noisy peckers or blasting.  Once the Cap stone, Roach and Whitbed have been extracted we will begin the the cutting of the exposed faces to form the portal for the Stonehills Mine.

We hope to extract the first block of Whitbed from in front of the portals by early 2017 and the mine will be fully operational by mid 2017.

Below is a map of the Stonehills site and we have just started the construction of the Portal Entrance