An Update on our Stonehills Operation




The work on our Stonehills site is in full swing but we want to make sure everyone knows a little more about the operation...

Albion Stone can confirm that we have followed best practice for the opening of our Stonehills mine. As requested from the county landscape expert, we have constructed a very gentle, longer spread slope over the central field and ensured all soils and stone from the stripping operation have and will remain on site for a final restoration operation. This restoration work will have a positive impact on the environment and will mean that the land form will blend into the current landscape. 

As part of the planning process we have also completed an archaeological survey and are pleased to have a full time archaeologist Michael Dinwiddy with a watching brief on site. He is delighted with the way that Woodmace Ltd have conducted their operations. Discoveries have been made and we are pleased to share one of the most exciting finds which is a Roman track.

Prior to the works commencing some areas were identified by the original archaeological surveys and have therefore been left completely undisturbed.We have heavily invested in the archaeological works and have spent in the region of £20k, the sensitive top soil stripping operation has also added another £45K to the operation to open the Stonehills mine.