Guildhall Yard East

This project was awarded Award in the New Build category at the Natural Stone Awards 2000.

The official guide said, 'The original Art Gallery at the Guildhall had been damaged by enemy action during World War II in 1941 and required replacement.

In addition, the reception areas required for ceremonial and other functions were inadequate, as were the ancillary areas, such as those used for the storage and restoration of works of art.

Hence, in 1987, the Court of Common Council authorised the formation of the Guildhall Yard East building committee, which was charged with supervising the design and construction of a new building adjoining the Great Hall.

The new scheme, adjacent to the existing Guildhall, compromises an extension to the existing building providing an art gallery, museum, office and storage accommodation. A new ambulatory link also had to be constructed.

The new Portland stone cladding is supported via concrete nibs, load-bearing and restraint stainless steel bracketry, from a cast in-situ reinforced concrete frame.

The stonework was designed to be load-bearing from ground floor up to the large comices, which required the use of thicker stone sections than usual on a cladding project. The interior stonework is supported as cladding from either a concrete, blockwork or steel backing structure.'

The judges commented, 'The judges found this building to meet all the criteria they had set for the category. The choice of stone, bold detailing and the craftsmanship execution result in a building that will stand for many generation at the heard of the City of London. It will from an outstanding backdrop for those great occasions that take place within the Guildhall Yard.'

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Guildhall Yard East Using Portland Stone and built by Albion Stone