New London Stock Exchange

This project was awarded Award in the New Build Cladding category at the Natural Stone Awards 2004.

The official guide said, 'This is a large urban designed building designed to comply with the constraints and opportunities of Sir William Whitfiled's master plan.

The building envelope is an essay in stone and glass; weight and lightness. The principle of the design has been that the stonework is self supporting and thus acts structurally.

The stone chosen is from the Dorset island of Portland, the same stone use by Sir Christopher Wren to build the neighbouring St Paul's Cathedral and the majority of the important civic and commercial buildings throughout the City of London.

The actual stone is Grove Whitbed from Independent Quarry. It is highly figured with a large shell content that, importantly, gives the stonework a grain and depth that emphasises both the muscularity of the piers.

The stonework is brought into the inside of the building throughout the entrance lobbies and up through the lift lobbied of the building. The notion here is that the street is brought into and up the building, knitting the workings of the occupants from the London Stock Exchange directly back into the fabric of the City while moving through the building.

The building itself lies between Rose Street and Queen's Head passage. The plan is designed to reflect the significance of the building in its 'key stone' position, picking up the curve of Rose Street and reflecting this in the easing of the throat of Queen's Head passage. The two flowing corners are given positive architectural expression by the stone piers that will be read three-dimensionally as they lead the eye to these passages.

The difference in scale between Christchurch Court and St Martin's Court is mediated by the differing heights of the stone façade - five storeys to Queen's Head passage and six to Rose Street.'

The judges commented, 'This building has been designed within the constraints and opportunities set by William Whitfield's master plan. This is an essay in stone and glass, balancing weight and lightness. The Grove Whitbed Stone is highly figured with large shells giving the stone a grain and depth that emphasises both the scales of the blocks and the strength of the piers.'

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New London Stock Exchange using Portland Stone