New Oratory in the South of England

A private Oratory in the South of England won the 'Special Award' at the Natural Stone Awards 2016.

The new chapel was built by a Charitable Trust. It is a truly traditional build, using solid masonry, brick backing solid walls and a load bearing masonry. Construction of the new structure included a load bearing vault over the main nave, load bearing columns to the crypt and load bearing walls.

The judges could not speak highly enough of this project. Every detail has been carefully considered and expertly carried out. This project was planned, controlled and executed to standards of years past.

The decision to celebrate this project with a Special Award came as a result of the judges realising that it would have been a worthy winner in a number of categories.

Speaking of the chapel, the judges said:
"This is one of the finest examples of modern day stone masonry and proof that the standards of the past years can still be met. This building is a traditional load bearing masonry construction, executed to the highest standards.
The external masonry is true and crisp throughout with fine examples of various masonry disciplines from beautifully lettered panels, knapped flint work and lions heads projecting from the cornice either side of the chapel, all stitched together with sound traditional masonry skills".

It is evident that every detail to this building was carefully considered and expertly carried out.