The Pasticcio, Sir John Soane's Museum

This project was awarded Highly Commended in the Craftsmanship category at the Natural Stone Awards 2004.

The official guide said, 'Sir John Soane's home and museum on Lincoln's Inn Field demonstrates in minature the original interpretation of classical forms that the architect developed during his career.

The Paticca was a column created from a number of elemenets - some collected, some specially made - and it formed the acis around which te whole collection resolved, being so placed as to be visible from many points of the museum. But it had become unstable in the late 19th century and was taken down, after which seven of its ten elements were lost.

This project involved that recreation of those lost elements and their re-incorporation into a restored monument. A feature of the project was the close co-orporation between architect and craftsmen to ensure the correct effect was achieved and the subtleties of the original work were not lost.

Before work began on any stone, clay models were made and approved. Althoough small in scale, this project was highly demanding of the skills and experience of the architect, mason and carver alike.'

The judges commented, 'As a result of thorough and painstaking research, reconstruction of the Pasticcio, a column that forms a centre and focus of Sir John Soane's Museum has been reinstated in its prime location. New sections of column have been meticulously carved as a result we have an exceptionally good project that students of craft and architecture are encouraged to visit.'

The Pasticcio Sir John Soanes using Portland Stone