Bekynton Field, Eton College

Windsor, Berkshire

John Simpson Architects
Eton College
Main Contractor:
Feltham Construction
Completion Date:
Portland Stone:
Jordans Whitbed
Scope of Project:
Construction of new school buildings to replace 1960’s building, including a lecture theatre and landscaping

Bekynton Field is a collection of buildings, dating back to the 1960s, situated on Eaton College’s site in Windsor.

The project involved the demolition and redevelopment of both the current ‘Birley Schools’ and ‘School of Mechanics’ building; allowing the college to provide purpose built schoolrooms.

The Bekynton Fields concept was designed by John Simpson Architects to blend in with the existing historic school. An innovative sustainability strategy was at the core of the design as it provides a renewable heating and cooling system.

Jordans Whitbed was chosen for the project, with a visit to Albion Stone’s quarry being arranged for the larger project team along with two moulded plinth manufactured in Albion’s factory as samples for the development.

Albion Stone supplied approximately 240m² of 150mm thick Portland Jordans Whitbed for the development at Bekynton Fields in the form of quoins, ashlar, plinths and piers.

The Prince of Wales opened the new development in June 2015. He was tasked with placing the last piece - a marble head of a young man from a Greek relief, dating from the late 5th to early 4th century BC - in its display case to complete the exhibition.

The Prince said: "The quality of the craftsmanship, the brickwork, the stonework, the copper and everything else is a great tribute I think, above all else, to those people who have these remarkable skills.”