The Cobb

Lyme Regis

Civic Trust
Wessex Water
Main Contractor:
Completion Date:
Portland Stone:
Admiralty Roach
Scope of Project:
Restoration of existing sea front and development of extension to sea defence

Wessex Water undertook the sympathetic development of the seafront at Lyme Regis to incorporate a pumping station and water treatment works. 

The existing Listed Cobb was built in 1820 and was constructed using large Portland Roach Stone Copings. It was therefore important that as much of the historic seafront be preserved with as little disruption as possible. 

Wessex Water and Costains entered into discussions with English Heritage to preserve the historic value of the seafront. 

It was decided to extend the seafront and put the pumping station and water treatment works under the extension.

English Heritage were keen to carry the continuity of the Cobb onto the new seafront development and Albion Stone were approached to provide a series of Roach Stone samples with weathered finishes. 

Once all the samples were reviewed, the Kibbled finish was chosen as the most appropriate. Kibbling is a hand-applied finish, in which the Mason strikes the stone block with a Kibble, Mason’s Axe, breaking out small areas of the surface. This gives the block a rough and random finished surface.