Guildhall Yard East


WS Atkins
Main Contractor:
John Mowlem Construction Plc
Completion Date:
Portland Stone:
Independent Whitbed

Guildhall Yard East was designed by Richard Gilbert-Scott, the son of Sir Giles and houses the new Art Gallery, Museum and offices for the Corporation of London. 

Guildhall Yard East comprises of four floors, three basements and overlooks Guildhall Yard in the historical heart of London.

The external Portland stone cladding is supported via concrete nibs, load-bearing and restraint stainless steel bracketry, from a cast in situ reinforced concrete frame. 

The stonework was designed to be load- bearing from the ground floor up to the large cornices, which required the use of thicker stone sections than normal for a cladding project.

The interior stonework is supported as cladding from concrete, block work or steel backing structure.

The Architect chose contrasting Portland Stone Cladding panels to be in the design to create texture and depth in the structure.

The design incorporates a neo-classical theme with contemporary functionality creating an interesting building with sharp lines and fine details.