Hurst Castle


Broadway Malyan Architects
English Heritage
Main Contractor:
Dean and Dyball Construction
Completion Date:
Portland Stone:
Bowers Whitbed
Scope of Project:
Restoration of sea defence wall with exact match to existing stonework.

English Heritage were keen to ensure that the stone supplied was a close match to the existing stone which dated back to the mid 15th Century.

Albion Stone visited the Sea Defence Wall several times with the Architects and English Heritage to ensure that the material that was selected was a good match to the existing blocks. 

Albion Stone supplied approximately 55 blocks of Bowers Whitbed in various sizes. These were cut to exact measurements with a curved pitched face finish, diagonal grooves and a chiselled border to ensure the new stones blended well with the existing blocks on the Sea Defence Wall. 

The project was completed in the Summer of 1998. Should the Sea Defence Wall be viewed today it is evident that the Bowers Whitbed has aged well and blended with the existing stone and was a very good match for this Heritage project.