Private Residence, Flinders, Australia

Victoria, Australia

Woods Bagot
Main Contractor:
Romato Construction
Completion Date:
Portland Stone:
Grove Whitbed
Scope of Project:
New build private residence in Australia clad in Portland Stone
Portland Stone Australia

This prestigious residential project in Victoria, Australia overlooks the esplanade and has spectacular ocean views.

The Architect, Woods Bagot were thrilled to secure the prestigious stone for this truly magnificent property.  The use of Portland Stone is a reference to the local coral reefs dating back to the Jurassic periods.  The design consists of two concentric volumes encased in Portland Grove Whitbed asymmetrically stacked on top of each other and  was designed to respond to the landscape, determined entirely by its site, providing shade from the descending western sun while opening up to the ocean to let in the sunrise.

Albion Stone supplied ‘Portland Stone Australia’ with approximately 400m² of Portland Grove Whitbed.  The stone was installed using the stone clip system.  Remato construction did an excellent job as this is their first experience using the system.

The project was completed in 2018.