Royal Horseguard Hotel

London SW1

Richmond Design
Thistle Group
Main Contractor:
Holloway White Allom
Completion Date:
Portland Stone:
Independent Basebed

The brief was to create a new entrance and entrance vestibule integrated from a recently acquired adjoining property into the existing hotel.

The stone originally used in the hotel was matched to Independent Basebed. The design was a traditional, classic floor with 650mm2 Basebed tiles laid square with corners trimmed to receive 100mm2 Welsh blue-black slate diamonds. The tiles were unusually thick at 60mm to match the existing hotel finishes. 

Completed in 1988, the insulation used beneath the tiles was innovative at that time; a blue polystyrene membrane was laid on to the concrete floor before the sand and cement screed, now of course usual practice.

The finish attracted many complimentary comments in that although the client originally wanted the stone sealed, he accepted the mason’s advice and left it to form its own patina. Within a few weeks, the stone had dried to a beautiful creamy- grey hue. The diamonds, however, were oiled individually with boiled linseed oil to give a greater contrast to the stone and the finished effect was outstanding.

There is a direct path from the street to Reception, which even now shows no sign of wear.