Transfigured Christ

London W1

Geraint Davies Stonemasonry
St James' Roman Catholic Church
Completion Date:
Portland Stone:
Jordans Basebed
Scope of Project:
Internal Sculpture

Geraint Davies Stone masonry was asked to carve a sculpture of Christ for St James RC Church in Marylebone.

The project took over a year of planning and approval as the church is a Grade II* listed building therefore permission from Westminster Council and English Heritage had to be gained before the go-ahead was given to start the works.

Once given the green light, the block of Albion Stone'€™s Portland Basebed was delivered to London Stonemasonry'€™s workshop. Here, Geraint spent the first few days working on it outside in the sun, scaling up the drawing on the stone, before taking it inside to start making all the linear cuts to the block in order to establish the points of contact, ready for the carving. Within five weeks, the sculpture had started to look like a human, with the features being established, through inspiration from friends of the mason.

At the church, the existing stonework had to be worked back in order for the sculpture to be fixed in with steel fixings and industry standard glue and mortar.

Geraint said that,

'€˜Portland Basebed is an excellent carving stone, and in particular the Basebed produced by Albion is of the finest quality I'€™ve ever seen.'€™

He explained that the stone produced, '€˜only one tiny piece of shell during the carving process'€™ and that it was '€˜the most perfect piece of Portland'€™ he had ever seen, and along with English Heritage guidelines Portland Stone was the best material to work with.'€™