Fancy Beach Whitbed

Portland Stone Fancy Beach Whitbed



Shell Content

Fancy Beach has moderately high shell content.

Shell Distribution

Random placement of predominantly grey shell with small voids throughout the slab in conjunction with areas of random dense stone matrix.


Varied texture is evident across the slab. Tight, uniform areas are adjacent to areas of openness and concentrated inclusions. The stone should be considered lively.


Typical Portland colour - creamy/white mellowing to grey/white.

Note: Large areas of grey shell can slightly darken the overall appearance.

Mine Report No. 98

  • No.98 - 2020
  • Jordans Mine, Portland

Maximum Block Sizes

  • Overall Size: 6.98m³
  • Length: 4.00m
  • Bed Height: 2.30m

Average Block Sizes in Stock

  • Overall Size: 1.30m³
  • Length: 1.47m
  • Bed Height: 0.86m

Current Availability

  • (0-3months) 2,000-3,000m³

Future Availability

  • (0-3months) 3,000-4,000m³

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