Jordans Basebed

Portland Stone Jordans Basebed



The Jordans Mine extraction faces are now moving under the road much closer to the Bowers Quarry site.  We are predictably noticing that the geological characteristics of these stones are becoming very similar.  We have therefore changed the Basebed Panels to have a single panel representing both stones as the differences are undetectable in a factory manufacturing environment.

Shell Content

Contains small grey shell fragments.  As we mine towards the Bowers site, we are starting to see more shells in the current mine production, but it remains the cleanest Portland Stone currently being produced.

Shell Distribution

The shell fragments are normally evenly distributed across the stone, but there are concentrations of shells in some stones that give a mottled appearance as it dries out following manufacture.


Very tight texture making it ideal for fine carvings & mouldings as well as detailed masonry & cladding


Typical Portland colour, creamy/white.