Jordans Whitbed

Portland Stone Jordans Whitbed



Our current mine production of Jordans Whitbed is producing blocks which have a very similar visual appearance to the Jordans Whitbed stone produced a few years ago, which was our top selling stone at that time.  This now gives more choice and a pronounced difference between our Whitbed stones (Fancy Beach Whitbed, Grove Whitbed and Jordans Whitbed) when Basebed is deemed too clean.

Shell Content

Jordans Whitbed has a Medium shell content. Inclusions being predominantly grey with some white fragments (Solenopora). The shells are mainly large thin clams up to 80mm long laid parallel to the bedding.

Shell Distribution

The shells are randomly distributed across the stone, but due to the large clam shells, banding is evident particularly in larger slabs.


Mostly a tight uniform matrix with some evidence of openness and voids associated with light shell banding.


Typical Portland colour - creamy/white mellowing to grey/white over time.