Ostrea Patch Reef Whitbed

Portland Stone Ostrea Patch Reef Whitbed



Shell Content

Bioclastic, oyster-bound clasts of well-cemented patch reef in a matrix of shelly oosparite – Many large grey and white oyster shell fragments. Patch reefs were formed by masses of oysters and bryozoans cemented around a massive calcareous laminated framework built of the red alga Solenopora. 

Shell Distribution

The shells are randomly distributed throughout the stone.


Texture is typically coarse with some vuggy patches.


Typical Portland colour - variable light to dark grey, the colour varying with the density of included shell.

Mine Report No. 98

  • No.98 - 2020
  • Jordans Mine, Portland

Maximum Block Sizes

  • Overall Size: 8.40m³
  • Length: 3.40m
  • Bed Height: 2.10m

Average Block Sizes in Stock

  • Overall Size: 2.51m³
  • Length: 1.74m
  • Bed Height: 1.18m

Current Availability

  • (0-3 months) 250-500m³

Future Availability

  • (3-12 months) 500-750m³

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