Ostrea Patch Reef Whitbed

Portland Stone Ostrea Patch Reef Whitbed



Shell Content

Bioclastic, oyster-bound clasts of well-cemented patch reef in a matrix of shelly oosparite – Many large grey and white oyster shell fragments.

Shell Distribution

The shells are randomly distributed throughout the stone.


Texture is typically coarse with some vuggy patches.


Typical Portland colour - variable light to dark grey, the colour varying with the density of included shell.

Mine Report No. 91

  • Summer 2018
  • Jordans Mine, Portland

Maximum Block Sizes

  • Overall Size: 6.0m³
  • Length: 3.20m
  • Bed Height: 1.50m

Average Block Sizes in Stock

  • Overall Size: 2-5m³
  • Length: 1.50m
  • Bed Height: 1.10m

Current Availability

  • (0-3 months) 250-500m³

Future Availability

  • (3-12 months) 500-750m³

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