Carving & Sculpture

Portland stone's widespread use as a building material owes as much to its ability to hold a fine detailed carving as to its excellent durability.

Transfigured Christ Portland Stone

Portland Basebed also known as the 'Bestbed' was originally reserved for the carving and ornate work that embellishes traditional Portland Stone buildings. Today's architects tend to design buildings with less ornate and carving work so the Basebed is now available for general building work.

Portland stone Basebed with its fine grain is relatively easily worked and this has encouraged its use for sculptures, headstones, masonry and carving. Despite the ease with which it can be worked, these stones, once case hardened, are resistant to the ravages of weathering, as can be demonstrated by the large number of carved pieces that are located in many UK towns and cities.

Standard Specifications

Albion Stone provide recognised specifications equivalent to the industry standard.

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