About Us

Albion Stone is a family company that has been involved with the Portland Stone industry for nearly 100 years and extracting Portland Stone for over 40 years.  We have masterminded the switch from quarrying to mining on the island and continued the process of environmental improvement to make our stones some of the most environmentally sensitive building products in the world. Albion Stone is committed to producing stones of the highest quality that conform to the rigorous ISO 9001 Quality Management standard, we comply with

the ISO 45001 for the management of our health and safety systems and we have the certification for Environmental Management standard ISO 14001.  We are the only stone company in the world have achieved an 'Excellent' rating in BES 6001 the Responsible Sourcing standard for Construction Products and we have an Environmental Product Declaration, (EPD) which demonstrates the low environmental impacts of our operations and these documents feed into the BREEAM and Life Cycle Assessment calculations for our clients projects. 

Albion Stone, a fourth generation family business pride ourselves on having a helpful and skilled workforce as well as modern and traditional manufacturing process to enable us to produce the highest quality Portland Stone with minimal environmental impact.