Jordans Whitbed

Jordans Whitbed

Above is the range panel located at our factory on Portland which shows the typical geological characteristics of Jordans Whitbed

Shell Content

Jordans Whitbed has a Medium shell content. Inclusions being predominantly grey with some white fragments (Solenopora). The shells are mainly large thin clams up to 80mm long laid parallel to the bedding.

Shell Distribution

The shells are randomly distributed across the stone, but due to the large clam shells, banding is evident particularly in larger slabs.


Mostly a tight uniform matrix with some evidence of openness and voids associated with light shell banding.


Typical Portland colour - creamy/white mellowing to grey/white over time.

Ashlar cladding Yes
Masonry inc. copings, lintels & cills Yes
Load bearing Masonry inc. columns Yes
Plinths Yes All porous limestones will draw in moisture that could contain stains from surrounding media so it advisable to ensure that paving is laid to a fall away from the stones.
External paving inc. thresholds, swimming pool surrounds & steps Yes All porous limestones will draw in moisture that could contain stains from surrounding media so, it is advisable to ensure that the paving is laid to a fall with a free draining bed.
Swimming pool cladding at and below the waterline No We would advise against the use of any limestone inside the actual pool.
Internal flooring and walls linings inc. stairs Yes
Internal worktops, inc. vanity and kitchen No There are products that can be used to protect the stone.
Wet room areas inc. shower trays and saunas No In most circumstances, although there are sealers that can protect the stone.
Fireplaces Yes
Carving and sculpture Yes Finer details might be lost in the shell structure.
Headstones Yes

Some Examples

Jordan’s Whitbed is a typical Portland Stone with shell banding. Ideal for cladding, ashlar walls and flooring.  The stone was used on the award winning Bomber Command Memorial.

Get a sample

Samples sent in the post are indicative of the typical colour and surface texture of the stone.  They are unable to show all the natural variations in visual appearance, colour, texture and geological features that are present in all natural stones.  To fully understand the goeolgy of our Portland Stone, we would recommend a visit to view the large range panels approximately 3m x 2m at our factory site on Portland.  Once your selection is made we will be delighted to send you a sample of your desired stone.

Standard Portland stone samples are 150mm x 150mm at 20mm thick

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