Technical Manual

Portland Stone Technical Manual

This manual has been written by Albion Stone with assistance from key experts in the stone industry. We hope that you find the content informative as well as interesting and practical.  

The information contained within these sections are correct at the time of writing, but the frequent updating of the EN and BS codes may mean that construction methods have altered so we suggest that the recommended reading lists and other appropriate codes and standards are considered in the design of the project. The sections in this site should be used as a source of information only and we recommend that specialist advice is sought where required.

The manual has been divided into three sections. We have divided the information on design and installation of the stone into three main areas:

Portland Stone Cladding
Portland Stone Internal
Portland Stone Landscaping (External Walling and Paving)

Should you require a further explanation of any of the  sections of this manual, please contact us.