Quality & Skills Training

Albion Stone has followed the process of certification for ISO 9001 thereby demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to providing its customers with the very highest standard product and service.  Certificate available on request. 


This can only be achieved through a comprehensive training and skill development programme which sets training targets for all our staff. 

We also participate in the drafting of European and British standards such as BS8298 stone cladding codes through the BS 545 committee.  We also have representatives at the English Stone Forum, Stone Federation, Mineral Products Association and Euroroc. 


Our action plan includes:

a.       Thorough training and adherence to procedures, ensure the customer satisfaction stays at over 95% above average. 

b.       Participate in the drafting of standards that impact the use of our stones to ensure best practice is followed. 


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Albion Stone, a fourth generation family business pride ourselves on having a helpful and skilled workforce as well as modern and traditional manufacturing process to enable us to produce the highest quality Portland Stone with minimal environmental impact.