Albion Stone and it's commitment to Zero Carbon

Looking after the environment and our planet is becoming more and more important and Albion Stone are leading the way for the stone industry. 

At Albion Stone we have already;

As a result of this work, we were 60% below the European average for natural stone extraction from cradle to gate, and we plan to half our carbon footprint by 2022.  We then plan to reduce this figure to a tenth of the current European average by the end of 2023.  All these figures have been independently prepared by an external expert, and the future reduction will be externally verified. 

We are now preparing an ambitious plan to get as close to Carbon Neutral as practical by 2025, without relying on carbon offsetting.  

If you genuinely want a low carbon product, then stone is the obvious choice, and if you want the lowest carbon stone, then Albion Stone's Portland Stone is again the obvious choice.  


Make Architects have completed a study on Embodied Carbon in Façade Systems.  They have just looked at stages A1 to A3, Extraction through to Manufacture and also Transport Implications.