BS 8298-Part 5 - Internal Cladding

04/08/2022 • Industry

BS8298-5 is our for public consultation.  This standard is a completely new standard for Internal Cladding and Wall Lining.

The Standard covers;

1. Stone Selection Process

  • Stone Samples - Indicative and Reference
  • Technical Data that should be available - DoP and CE Certificate
  • Production Control Testing, when it needs to be completed and the extent and timing

2. Design of Internal Cladding 

  • Movements in the structure and deflection limits
  • Loading on the stone and the impact on the fixing design and stone thickness
    1. Wind Loads and air pressure changes
    2. Point loads
    3. Impact
  • The calculation for the Factors of Safety based on the competence of the stones technical data (partial load factors and partial material factors)
  • Principles for the design of typical fixing systems with detailed drawings
  • Cladding Design including joints, mortar, etc...

3. Design of Internal Linings

  • Attachments with adhesive and mechanical fixings in intermittently wet conditions such as showers and wet rooms

4. Soffits and Ceiling fixings

5. Installations for stones between 12mm and 20mm thick

  • Use of a resin with mechanical fixings for all stones greater than 12mm and less than 20mm

6. Stone Production

  • Understanding the impact of sawing tolerances on the stones design

7. Site Work

  • Erection tolerances for installed stonework
  • Bedding, inspection and protection

8. Maintenance - General principles

9. Annexes

  • Testing methods for kerf and undercut anchor fixings
  • Determination of thickness by calculation 
  • A worked example of the thickness calculation showing that 900mm x 600mm of Portland Jordans Whitbed can be used at 30mm thick

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