Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 was a tremendous success for Brick from a Stone

29/05/2024 • Press

Last week's exhibition at Clerkenwell Design Week exceeded all our expectations. Despite the unfavorable weather, we were delighted to meet numerous architects and designers from across London who came to admire our Brick from a Stone display. Albion Stone and Hutton Stone have worked tirelessly to launch these Stone Bricks at the perfect time and place, and Clerkenwell Design Week was that moment.

As the industry shifts towards more carbon-friendly building materials while keeping costs down, our natural stone bricks are an ideal solution. They have a carbon footprint almost 80% lower than clay-fired bricks, and by streamlining production into a bulk product at a standard size, we maintain affordability while preserving the unique beauty of natural stone.

During the show, we were featured by The Guardian and the online magazine Dezeen. Michael Poultney from Albion Stone and Marcus Paine from Hutton Stone also participated in a talk with Amin Taha from Groupwork on Thursday morning, discussing the significant carbon savings achieved by switching to natural stone bricks or larger format load-bearing stones. This talk was well-received and inspired a surge of architects and designers to visit our display for a closer look.

We want to thank everyone who visited us. Albion Stone and Hutton Stone are happy to assist with any questions regarding our stones.

Albion Stone, a fourth generation family business pride ourselves on having a helpful and skilled workforce as well as modern and traditional manufacturing process to enable us to produce the highest quality Portland Stone with minimal environmental impact.