New Boltec S machine for Albion Stone

06/02/2019 • Industry

Here at Albion Stone we have just commissioned an Epiroc Boltec S bolting rig at a cost of just under £500,000 for use in both Bowers and Jordans Mines.

We are the first dimension stone mine in the world to have such an advanced and safe drilling and bolting machine.

The Boltec S offers a number of major health, safety and operational advantages over the previous bolting system.

This new bolting machine will allow the installation of bolts following the removal of the Curf, Whitbed and Roach in a single operation.

This new machine allows the operator to install roof and rib support (bolts and mesh) from a remote position within a safety cab, positioned well away from the ground being supported.

The time taken to install a bolt has also been radically reduced, water usage has been reduced and the machine is much quieter and more mobile in operation than previous machines. Resin injection and bolt installation is also automatic, thus reducing manual handling for the operator.

The machine is fitted with a number of cutting edge safety features such as the automatic detection people who may inadvertently approach the machine whilst it is working and fully automatic fire suppression.

The Epiroc Boltec S is currently the most advanced bolting machine in use in any UK mine and the acquisition of this machine will help to make Albion Stone’s mining operations even safer and more efficient.

Boltec S roof bolting machine installing its first bolts in Bowers Mine

Albion Stone, a fourth generation family business pride ourselves on having a helpful and skilled workforce as well as modern and traditional manufacturing process to enable us to produce the highest quality Portland Stone with minimal environmental impact.