Decorative Stonework

There are a number of applications for decorative internal Portland Stonework including fire surrounds, cantilever staircases or solid stairs, stone tables and furniture.

Fire Surrounds

The designer should ensure that the structure of floor and wall are able to support the fireplace surround.  The tall and thin surrounds are inherently unstable and must always be supported with mechanical stainless-steel fixings and fixed by an experience installer, see Stone Federation Best Practice Guidance for more detailed fixing information. Any joints should be 5mm +-1.5mm, or wider for longer stones. The mortar should be lime and / or white cement and Portland Stone Dust. 

Solid and Cantilever Staircases

The designer needs to ensure that the structure can support the loads.  The load of the stone should be carried from one step to the next and the anchoring pockets in the wall should simply be for restraint.   Cantilever stairs are a complicated design that needs to be completed by a specialist engineer.  For treads and risers see Internal Flooring

Any joints should be 5mm +-1.5mm, or wider for longer stones. The mortar should be lime and / or white cement and Portland Stone Dust.  

Stone Furniture

Portland Stone furniture can be manufactured to any design providing we have suitably sized blocks, and the finished stone are structural sound.  Any supporting structure needs to be securely fixed and able to hold the weight of the stonework. 

Storage and handling

The pallets of finished stone are wrapped in recyclable plastic to protect the stone during the transportation, unloading and limited site storage, not for prolonged external storage.

All stone need to be carefully handled on site by experienced fixing operatives. The designer should also ensure that the relevant lifting and manual handling regulations are considered at the design stages.


Sealing or impregnating the stone is an option if the stones are in an area that is possibly subject to staining.

However, in most situations we would recommend leaving the stone to develop a natural patina on the surface.  

In most internal situations, cleaning with a damp cloth and a diluted Lithofin Easy Care will remove any surface grime. Any spillages that could potentially stain should be treated promptly with clean water. Bleach, household soaps and detergents should not be used on Portland Stone.


Albion Stone, a fourth generation family business pride ourselves on having a helpful and skilled workforce as well as modern and traditional manufacturing process to enable us to produce the highest quality Portland Stone with minimal environmental impact.